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Resi Respati

Resi Respati

Web developer based in Jakarta, Indonesia.


So they blocked Tumblr again. Great. I'm not even surprised anymore.

Kemkominfo's inconsistencies with website censorship has made me become wary of letting other services host my blog contents, for fear of the same thing happening to Tumblr. Malaysia had already suffered with Medium being blocked.

If Kemkominfo wants to make blogging illegal, let them have it. But we should also make sure to let them know that our voices cannot be silenced. Which is why I've made a personal promise to increase my activity on this site.

IndieWebCamp logo

For any regulars, you might have noticed some changes. That's because I've been inspired by this postto redesign my personal website to more aligned with the IndieWeb initiative, in a quest to regain control of my own content.

More on that in a future post.