FOSS is free as in toilet »

Nobody believes that a free toilet will be magically cleaned up and maintained, somebody has to do it, and that person would better get paid for it. Sharing a toilet means that you flush, clean up after yourself, and always leave some paper, it’s basic manners. And yet, like toilets, as FOSS gets used by more and more people, it gets more likely that you will see obnoxious people that shit all over your commons and then complain about it. And nobody will want to take care of it.

The real tragedy of FOSS is that its core concepts are always focused on the user. Traditional FOSS licences focus a lot on “user’s freedoms” rather than the creator’s right to empower the user.

This takes a massive cost on the wellbeing of open-source maintainers. We’ve seen this effect take its toll on the event-stream debacle not long ago.

This is where License Zero seems like an interesting idea. It provides a licencing model which ensures sustainability of software developed in the open. If you’re interested, you should check out the “Parity License” and the “Prosperity License”.