Hey, call me Resi! I'm a web developer.

I started getting into web development when I self-learned HTML and CSS back in high school.

I love open-source software, and I have been extensively contributing to the community for years. One of the biggest contributions I’ve made was to support the Indonesian localisation effort for the Brackets editor. On top of that, I also have many other utilities and personal projects that I host on my GitHub profile.

My other interests include, video games, motorsports, photography, and music. I keep a catalogue of interests on my tilde.town page. Be sure to check them out, we might have some things in common!



Bootstrap (3+), CSS, HTML, Sass


WordPress, Orchard


Angular (2+), ES6, Grunt, Gulp, jQuery, Node.js, React, TypeScript, Webpack


Elixir (learning), Express, Laravel, Phoenix (learning), PHP


C# (and .NET), Git, Java, Linux (basic command-line operations), SQL

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