Hey, call me Resi! I'm a web developer.

I started getting into web development when I self-learned HTML and CSS back in high school. Nowadays I continue to build web stuff, both professionally and as a hobby.

When I’m not doing work stuff, I either contribute to open-source software, work on my own stuff, or find something else to do to keep myself occupied. When I no longer do either of those things, then something really bad must have happened to me.

I keep a catalogue of interests on my tilde.town page. Be sure to check them out, we might have some things in common!



Bootstrap (3+), CSS, HTML, Sass


WordPress, Orchard


Angular (2+), ES6, Grunt, Gulp, jQuery, Node.js, React, TypeScript, Webpack


Elixir (learning), Express, Laravel, Phoenix (learning), PHP


C# (and .NET), Git, Java, Linux (basic command-line operations), SQL

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