What is @resir014 listening to right now?

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M83 - Meet the Friends

Finally listened to M83's Digital Shades, Vol. 2 (DSVII) for the first time, and oh my.

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Igorrr - Cheval

Absolute banger found in this random Guitar Hero clone video. If anyone knows what genre this masterpiece is properly classified under, please let me know on Twitter.

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The Avalanches - The Wozard of Iz

There is magic in the splendor and the desire to surrender.

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Colin Self - Emblem

Featured on the latest Love + Radio episode, "The Battle of Cumorah".

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Mewmore // National Park (Pokémon Gold & Silver Remix)

Remixes of popular game soundtracks are allowed in Jam posts right? Because I still can't get over this remix of National Park theme for the Gen II Pokemon games.

/ jam

Spiritualized - I'm Your Man

One of my favourite tracks from the all-new Spiritualized album.

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Candy Claws - Into the Deep Time (One Sun)

Well, enough getting mad about the stupid things that's been happening. Let the soothing sound of shoegaze drown out those feelings.

/ jam

Spiritualized - Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space

Do you ever have this song that you randomly encounter out of the blue one day, but you're SURE you've heard it somewhere before, a long time ago?

This is one of them. Especially that ending, where it fades to a beautiful cover of "I Can't Help Falling in Love".

I've learned a little bit afterwards that the song was used as a soundtrack for Vanilla Sky, but I never remembered ever watching it.

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