Mastodon is a free and open source (FOSS) federated social network. This means that anyone can host their own Mastodon node, and connect with people in other nodes running Mastodon, GNU Social, or Friendica. Not only that, the source code is available for everyone to tinker with.

Below is a list of my verified accounts. If you see me posting on one of these nodes, then you can be sure that it's me. See you on the Fediverse!

Verified Accounts

Disclaimer / Terms of Engagement

This is a blanket disclaimer which applies to all of my accounts. Should there be changes to these terms, I will notify my followers accordingly.

Content preferences

  • Boosted posts do not imply endorsements, they simply mean that these posts contain useful information worth sharing.
  • Opinions expressed on any of my accounts are of my own. It does not represent that of my friends, my followers, my family, or my employer.
  • There's a chance that I'll mute/unfollow accounts that frequently post untagged political content. Some people (including me) abandoned Twitter for the purpose of avoiding the worsening Political Discourse there for the sake of their own mental wellbeing. Seeing all of it again around on Mastodon doesn't really help.
  • Just like on Twitter, I never block people unless they're really, really problematic. Unfortunately, I couldn't override my instance admins' decisions on silenced/blocked instances, so if we couldn't see each others' content due to silences/blocks, then there's nothing I could do. Sorry.

Content warnings/NSFW content

  • I will make sure to tag posts behind content warnings (CW) and/or NSFW where I found necessary (e.g. on political posts, controversial topics, etc.), but be aware that sometimes I will post some untagged stuff that are not compatible with your CW/NSFW standards.
  • If you think certain topics need to be tagged as CW/NSFW, you can politely ask me on one of my accounts, and I'll make sure to keep that in mind next time I post about the same topic.


The guidelines above are intentionally loose, therefore everything boils down to common courtesy. All in all, I support a positive and welcoming community, so I'll try to be friendly. Remember to be civil among others.