Lightweight, web-based controller visualisation widget for TrackMania.

TMViz is a lightweight, web-based controller visualisation widget for streaming apps like OBS or XSplit. It is primarily created for TrackMania, but it can be easily reconfigured to work with other racing games.

Why does this exist?

  • I want an overlay that can be included as a browser source.
  • I want my overlays to be customisable with a single click.
  • I don't want to run any other app locally just to run an overlay.
  • The most popular, similar tool only supports a limited range of controllers.

How does this work?

This tool utilises the Gamepad API, available on all modern desktop browsers (see compatibility table), including the OBS browser source. The Gamepad API is a browser API which allows developers to gain access to signals from gamepads and other game controllers and respond to them.

It supports many controller models ranging from the Xbox controller to the PS4 controller. You can check if controller is compatible with the Gamepad API by running Gamepad Tester.