Video Games and Depression | Sidcourse

A beautifully-edited video looking at mental health, depression, and how games and gaming can or could help for those suffering. I feel like I can relate to Sid's story where even just playing a certain video games with a friend, or a group of friends, just helps you switch off for a moment from the outside world.

This is why Elite: Dangerous was game of the year for me last year. Throughout the first half of 2017, I had played hundreds of hours of Elite with a group of friends that are fairly good with the game. The way we just muck around in the vast galaxy of Milky Way, be it completing community goals, bounty hunting, or even just exploring, can at most times be a really therapeutic experience.

Unfortunately, my Windows laptop broke since last year so I could play with Elite at the moment, but when I finally got myself a new gaming PC and got the chance to play again, I'd definitely do it.