M83 - Meet the Friends

Finally listened to M83’s Digital Shades, Vol. 2 (DSVII) for the first time, and oh my.

12 Netflix series that you can watch right now, guaranteed to be free of 'negative' content
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My FOSS Story »

This is a well-written long-read that anyone involved in maintaining, or even contributing free and open-source software (FOSS) should read.

Courteously but firmly setting boundaries is one of those magical life hacks that pays dividends once you figure out how to do it. If you don’t know how to do it, then I’m not sure exactly how to learn how to do it unfortunately. But setting boundaries lets you focus on what’s important to you and not what’s important to others.

Having people trust me as a programmer is an enormous responsibility and one that I do not take lightly. But that trust means others are going to be more willing to use my code, which is ultimately what I want through my participation in FOSS.


Electron apps come with their own performance baggage. Therefore, there have been some people working on ways to reduce the memory footprint that Electron has. One of them is James Long, with their amazing electron-with-server example.

This was a rewrite of the aforementioned example project, translated to a webpack-friendly setup with Electron Forge. See this blog post by James himself to discover the benefits of this architecture.

Go ahead and give it a spin!

The ReactJS documentation is 75% translated to Indonesian!

Thank you to everyone who have contributed to the ReactJS Indonesian documentation so far! As one of the maintainers, the enthusiasm from the Indonesian community has been superb, and

We still have some pages that remain untranslated, so if you would like to start contributing alongside us, head on over to the GitHub page right now!

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