FOSS is free as in toilet »

Nobody believes that a free toilet will be magically cleaned up and maintained, somebody has to do it, and that person would better get paid for it. Sharing a toilet means that you flush, clean up after yourself, and always leave some paper, it’s basic manners. And yet, like toilets, as FOSS gets used by more and more people, it gets more likely that you will see obnoxious people that shit all over your commons and then complain about it. And nobody will want to take care of it.

The real tragedy of FOSS is that its core concepts are always focused on the user. Traditional FOSS licences focus a lot on “user’s freedoms” rather than the creator’s right to empower the user.

This takes a massive cost on the wellbeing of open-source maintainers. We’ve seen this effect take its toll on the event-stream debacle not long ago.

This is where License Zero seems like an interesting idea. It provides a licencing model which ensures sustainability of software developed in the open. If you’re interested, you should check out the “Parity License” and the “Prosperity License”.


The Classic Tetris World Championships Explained

Amazing documentary about the world of competitive Tetris.


Working on a new post. And surprisingly enough, it’s about WordPress!

Screenshot of the work-in-progress blog post.


Toxic management cost an award-winning game studio its best developers »

Sources say the culture of [Telltale Games] never properly adapted from its indie mentality to one more appropriate for its larger size. Tribal knowledge persisted over clearly documented processes, and a lack of communication among employees bred confusion. “Very rarely people were writing things down on a wiki or a confluence page or any sort of documentation,” says a former employee. “People were shifting so often that you would hear a version of a story that was actually weeks old, and the person telling you has no idea because that’s the last thing they heard.”


Developers who were given a six-day-a-week schedule that lasted months typically felt they had two choices: quit or suck it up. “What happens is the people who give a fuck the most are the people who pay the price,” says a former employee. ”[People who] take a lot of pride in this product are the people who are going to kill themselves. And those are the people you really don’t want killing themselves because they have the most value in the company.”


Mewmore // National Park (Pokémon Gold & Silver Remix)

Remixes of popular game soundtracks are allowed in Jam posts right? Because I still can’t get over this remix of National Park theme for the Gen II Pokemon games.


Spiritualized - I’m Your Man

One of my favourite tracks from the all-new Spiritualized album.


Let’s try something new: Web Components!

A code editor opening a `lit-element` project.

A good friend of mine @mathdroid recently introduced me to lit-html, a library built by the Polymer team for writing HTML templates in JavaScript with template literals.

lit-html is simple and lightweight, perfect for taking a break from your usual React life.

A sample `lit-element` project.

The Polymer team also built lit-element. lit-element builds on top of lit-html, adding Web Components support. In the picture above, I tried building a tiny app using Vaadin Components, an extensive collection of reusable Web Components.

I’m pretty sure Web Components will be the future of the web, and I’ll be looking forward to learn more of this in the future!

View some sample codes on Glitch.

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