GoPro HERO7 X Johnny FPV - DRIFT

You’d be forgiven if you thought this was something from the Forza video games for the first time.

A couple of notes about the 737 MAX controversy:

  • No, being “grounded” does not mean the 737 MAX is banned from flying for good. The 737 MAX planes are prevented to fly until the parties calling - or Boeing - finished with their investigation.
  • No, not all 737s are grounded. Just the new 737 MAX 8 planes, which has the catastrophic flaw with the MCAS, which caused the #JT610 and #ET302 accidents. The 737 NG planes and 737 Classic planes are all unaffected.

Floral Shoppe: Complete Edition »



After the most-viewed video of their infamous track, リサフランク 420 / 現代のコンピュー, was removed from YouTube due to copyright issues with its sample, the vaporwave scene went dormant for some time. But finally, thanks to the power of the internet, it was re-released as a “complete edition” with all the original, as well as a few other tracks previously never heard.

This is it… The community re-release of Vaporwave’s most infamous album, complete with every included bonus track from both the cassette release, Beer on the Rug Release, and OESBEE Vinyl Pressing. I think it’s important we have a version like this preserved in case the worst happens. All files are either the highest quality .mp3 320kbps or a RAW .flac cassette rip.

Download link is available on the linked post.

Yes, in case you’ve missed it, this website has been redesigned again!

This is probably my most ambitious redesign to date, since I’ve also taken the time to clean up old components and restructure existing ones to be easier to maintain. (One component uses Hooks now!)

I’ve also taken the time to create a personal design system, which I’ll use for this website, as well as some future applications. It’s called Chungking, and I think you’ll love it. You can take a look at it here.

Accessibility is not a “React Problem” »


Building an accessible React app is, at its core, not about React at all. The key is mastering the fundamentals of web accessibility: semantic document structure, appropriate labeling, and managing focus.

Assuming those principles are properly implemented, React can actually provide useful tools for building accessible apps. By leveraging React’s state management and reactivity, we can respond to UI changes while providing the necessary context for all users.

Yes, this! A million times this.

We shouldn’t solely blame a framework for its accessibility issues. We should rather help its users understand the semantics of web elements, and that starts with community leaders which champion accessibility.

I’ve finally updated my Phoenix with React guide! Phoenix 1.4 ships with Webpack by default, therefore making the setup much more straightforward than before. The long-overdue rewrite has been finished, and has also been made up-to-date following recent updates to Phoenix. The sample repo has also been updated.

As for part 2 of my “Migrating to TypeScript” post, it’s almost finished. Stay tuned!

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